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Mellanox Opens Messaging Accelerator Source Code to Developer Community


Messaging accelerator software enables extremely low latency for message-based and streaming applications over Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet adapters

Israel wages cyberwar with Hamas as civilians take up computers


By Bloomberg-   Knowledge of computer code is proving to be as important to Israel’s conflict with Hamas as the Iron Dome system intercepting rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Grid Software Creates Virtual Windows Supercomputer – Xoreax Israel –

information technology

Source : Tiffany Trader for HPC Wire What if you could combine the benefits of virtualization, grid and cloud computing to accelerate Windows-based applications? An Israeli company, Xoreax, is doing just that. We spoke with Xoreax at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week to learn more about their offering.

Steve Ballmer: Big data’s a big need for Microsoft – and Israel can help


When Microsoft goes shopping for new technology, Israel’s often one of the places it looks. And what Microsoft is looking for right now, according to its CEO Steve Ballmer, are experts in machine learning to help with the challenge of big data.

New ‘miniFlame’ cyber weapon can control spyware infected machines


A new malware known as miniFlame that apppears to be used to commandeer and boost the spying capability over select computers originally infected by the Flame and Gauss spyware has been discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Lab, reports Wired.