Dario Turns Diabetics’ Smartphones Into Trendy Glucometers

Being diabetic is not only an illness, it can also be a real social impediment, as diabetics have to keep their insulin levels in check throughout the day and test themselves with cumbersome devices. Dario is a glucometer attachment and application for smartphones. This device has all the integrated facilities to measure the glucose in the blood. Users can then read their glucose levels on their smartphone’s screen by connecting their Dario to it through the audio jack. 

From zero to Dario: a cozy glucose reading

Dario is the first product launched by a young startup called LabStyle Innovations. This American enterprise with Israeli subsidiaries, formed in 2011, is spearheaded by self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” Dr. Oren Fuerst, CEO of LabStyle Innovations. In an interview with NoCamels, Fuerst explained that he moved back from the States to Israel three years ago in order to engage in the business management for the creation of Dario.

Developed in Israel and assembled in the US, Dario is a warm-colored gadget which includes all the same elements as a regular glucometer: a “lancing device” to provoking a small blood flow (normally a tiny pin) and a dispensing cartridge which holds up to 25 test strips (thin papers which read the glucose concentration in blood thanks to an enzyme they carry on them). It connects to your smartphone via the audio jack and, once you introduce the test strip into it, the phone displays your results.

Raised on private capital and nurtured on approximate $7 million of external capital after going corporate, LabStyle Innovations’ device seems to have clicked correctly into the market. Dr. Fuerst explains that mostly all glucometers have done throughout time is “shrink in size”, but they remain “non-aesthetically pleasing” and many still, after the analysis, “lose the data, so it’s hard to keep track of your results or share them with doctor.” He admits there have been attempts to connect glucometers to smartphones in the past, “but they didn’t really work, just looked really awkward.”

Monitor, record and share your data

Michael Aviad, in his report for ASweetLife, wrote: “The first thing that catches the eye when you [see Dario] is its size. The entire device (…) is the size of a cigarette lighter.  But as cool as the device looks (it’s really cool) there are many other features which the creators of Dario are proud of.”

Oren Fuerst adds: “It has data management and analysis tools, so if you want to have a treat, your database will provide all the information you need. It also includes an internal network through cloud-based services.” Dario’s network, accessible by phone or computer, allows users to share their results with their clinicians, parents, caregivers, even their dietitian. Another point Michael Aviad picked up: “There’s no battery because the device harvests its power from the phone.”


Reporting by Paul Sánchez Keighley; Published by NoCamels.

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