Google Launches Tel Aviv Start-Up Campus

Google launched its start-up incubator, called Campus Tel Aviv, in the heart of the Israeli largest metropolis on Dec. 10, Globes reported.

According to the Google, Campus Tel Aviv “is a hub for entrepreneurs and developers located in the heart of the startup nation” and will serve as “a space for developers and entrepreneurs to attend and organize events with speakers, mentors and other entrepreneurs.”

Google will also provide two-week boot camps called “Launchpad” to train prospective start-up entrepreneurs. The campus will work with other partners, including tech incubators, accelerator programs, and educational institutions in Israel.

“The ongoing investment in Israel is proof of the extraordinary talent we have here, and we are committed to continue strengthening the Internet’s contribution to the Israeli economy and public,” said Google Israel CEO Meir Brand.

Speaking at the inauguration of the campus, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Google’s investment in Israel and promised continued government support.

“We are committed to promoting and supporting entrepreneurship, which is not only important economically, but also socioeconomically, especially in the reality in which we live,” Netanyahu said.



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