Israel: the Land of Health & Beauty

Year on year, economists continue to value the world cosmetics industry, with its abundance of chemical and technological advancements, at a staggering $170 billion (US).  It is no wonder then that the cosmetics industry is so often praised for the business model and seen as an attractive area to navigate, for brands and designers alike.

Due to this popularity, many designers who are not necessarily involved in the cosmetic industry have expanded their catalogues to offer a range of different perfumes carrying their names. Moreover, even some actors and singers have their own perfume line, which is also, in part, thanks to the commodification of celebrity status. Arguably, to bring out a line of perfume or cosmetics is seen as a level of one’s (or the brand’s) success or status.

However, the manufacture of cosmetics is currently dominated by only a small number of multinational corporations, while the distribution and sale of cosmetics is spread among a wide range of different businesses.  Europe, as the leading market, represents approximately €63 billion.

Nonetheless, this industry seems to be continuously developing, now more than ever with the advent of the Internet companies. Many famous companies are selling their cosmetic products online, even in countries in which they do not have a presence.


Israeli Cosmetics Industry

For the cosmetics industry, Israel has some unique advantages. From the Mediterranean breeze to olive-kissed hills in the Golan, from desert crag in the Negev to the Dead Sea mud, Israel is home to rich resources that contain vital ingredients, essential for both the medicinal and cosmetic industries. These natural resources are appreciated the world over for their ability to enhance beauty, rejuvenate skin and hair and maintain hygiene.

With great pride, Israel has developed an advanced medicine and healthcare system and life-sciences industry that are renowned and respected throughout the world. The development of these areas are supported by a strong foundation of academic excellence that includes world-acclaimed academic research institutes, famed R&D facilities and cutting edge medical centres.

Perched between the Mediterranean Sea to the west and vast deserts to the east, Israel is host to a large variety of indigenous plants, many with important therapeutic qualities. Harnessing these qualities is something that the Israeli medical industry developed an expertise for and, given the level of innovation from other areas of industry and science – water technology and irrigation for example – Israel has developed many methods and technologies for taking precisely what is needed from the plant-life but doing so in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

This knowledge and expertise paved the way for a dramatic growth in Israel’s cosmetics industry. It is no surprise therefore, that the strength of the Israeli cosmetics industry is based largely on the resources that Israel has both in abundance and also uniquely to its geography.

This is best exemplified by the way in which scientific research into the curative properties of the Dead Sea’s minerals led to the establishment of nearly 50 companies dedicated to producing skin care and beauty products based on these unique resources.

So, unique resources, a strong tradition of heavy investment into R&D and a culture of ingenuity have combined seamlessly to offer a fertile base from which an industry sector has grown at pace.

Today, Israeli companies in this sector range from global leaders with a market presence in many countries across several continents to the family-run boutiques operating in only in Israel but with a small online presence.

Whether for conventional or entirely natural and organic products, these Israeli companies have built brands that are widely recognised, and yet, owing to a deep understanding of the marketplace, most still offer private label production as well. In any case, and in addition to meeting all EU and US health and environmental standards, all of these companies take pride in their careful formulations based on exceptional ingredients, advanced manufacturing methods and sought-after results.


Cosmoprof 2013


What better stage for these companies therefore, than Cosmoprof 2013. For more than 45 years, Cosmoprof Bologna has been heralded as the leading worldwide- event for the professional beauty sector and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry.

In 2012, over 175,000 visitors engaged with more than 2000 exhibitors from across the various sectors of the beauty industry: Perfumery and Cosmetics, Natural Health, Packaging and Contract Manufacturing, Beauty Salon and Spa, Hair, Nails.

This year, at the Israel Pavilion at Cosmoprof, eleven Israeli companies will be under the spotlight. These companies will be on hand to showcase the very best in skin and body-care products from Israel, and the likes ofCoolsenseActive Optical Systems and Endy Med will be offering visitors to the pavilion a unique opportunity to experience their very latest treatments.

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