Israel to handle synthetic drugs sales

JERUSALEM, April 21 (Xinhua) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday that he will create a task force to handle the phenomenon of synthetic drug sales to teenagers across Israeli cities. 

« The issue of the distribution of drugs to children and young adults in special stores was brought to my attention, » the prime minister said during the weekly cabinet meeting.

« I have, therefore, decided to form a special task force to handle the legal, health and other related aspects of the phenomenon, » Netanyahu added.

« We will clean up our streets from drugs destined for children,  » Netanyahu concluded.

The various synthetic marijuana products have been sold in special stores as « incense » for the past two year, mainly in stores across Tel Aviv.

The substance is a mixture of leaves sprayed on with synthetic marijuana, acting similarly to the illegal drug but, according to reports, with stronger influences.

Most of the consumers are teenagers between 14 to 17. Many users have reported strong side effects and several have been hospitalized.

The Tel Aviv police raided some stores on Saturday evening following the broadcast.


Published by Xinhuan News.

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