Israeli and American Universities Team Up for Renewable Energy

Israeli and US scientists will team up on renewable technology, thanks to a partnering between two leading universities in the field. Ben-Gurion University and the University of Michigan have each pledged $1 million for a three-year joining for research to develop renewable technologies. “We live in a global economy. Universities need to globalize their activities because we need to solve problems that are larger than one country can manage alone,” said Stephen Forrest, vice president for research at the University of Michigan.

“When faculty at universities from across the world come together, they bring different cultures and different objectives, and when you mix them, you get a lot more than just the sum of the parts.”

Forrest added his respect for the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel, which he witnessed over the course of several trips to the Jewish state.

“There’s an enormous number of startups that come out of Israel,” he said. “We have a lot to learn from them.”

The pairing will see researchers at both schools work on advanced vehicle fuels, solar energy and thermoelectric materials.

“We look forward to collaborating with the U-M researchers on the challenging issues related to renewable energy,” said BGU’s vice president and dean for research and development, Moti Herskowitz, “and trust that the agreed model of collaboration has the potential of generating novel scientific and technological information with potential applications.”

As part of the program, scientists at the universities will be able to apply for grants in the specified fields of study. Grant requests can be submitted beginning this month, with six slots open for the first year.

The partnering was announced March 12, following a signing last week.


Reporting by JSpace Staff; Published by JSpace.

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