Israeli Diamond Pavilion Sees Actions At Hong Kong Fair

The second day of the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show started off with the strident movement of multitudes towards the display center. Visitors showed up at the pavilions and the current began to swim towards the Israeli pavilion. For most of the day, the walkways of the pavilion were packed, and there was a general sense that business is picking up.

From conversations we conducted with exhibitors, we learned that seemingly the second day of the show saw an increase in demand. Most of the demand centered around small diamonds. Despite this, all of the exhibitors note a significant improvement compared to the previous shows that took place in Hong Kong in September and last March.

A significant number of the customers that arrived at the Israeli pavilion were from India and Malaysia, and Australians also arrived in significant numbers.

The diamond traders expressed optimism regarding the upcoming two days of the show, in light of the improvement and the significant revival underway.

The Israel Diamond Institute pavilion also received requests for information about the U.S. / International Diamond Week, and those people who inquired received information on the topic.

The entire list of Israeli companies at the show can be seen here.


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