Israel’s trade minister’s visit to China seeking investment in financial technology sector will be the focus

Israel’s trade minister’s visit to China seeking investment in financial technology sector will be the focus

Sina Financial News July 11 news, today, for the first visit of the new Israeli trade ministers Neifutaili? Bennett held in Shanghai will be met, he led the nearly 30 Israeli companies seeking opportunities in China, and with the China a number of software, financial services companies were paired. Shanghai Water Authority and the Israel also signed a joint declaration to promote desalination technology.

Earlier, Israel’s new Prime Minister Benjamin? Netanyahu has visited China, after a lapse of two months, the trade ministers Bennett is also the first visit, the main aims is important with the Shanghai Water Authority signed a joint statement on the desalination technology for further communication.

In addition, enterprises cooperation is Bennett important part of this visit, he used to have 14 years of entrepreneurial experience, the trip to China, he had brought a 25-30 Israeli companies to China looking for cooperation opportunities.

Bennett joked, before leaving on his enterprise against Israel saying, if you want a one-time investment, then do not go to China, if you want to maintain long-term business relationship, it would go to China to see(

Bennett said Israel’s investment advantages in water treatment technology, agriculture, energy, health care, security, financial services industry and other fields, but also to attract Chinese investment priorities. Few days ago, Israeli companies have come to China with China several software and financial services companies were paired cooperation.

Bennett said that Israel are Israel’s efforts to attract Chinese enterprises to invest, he will bring home some of China’s venture capital firm, tailored for Chinese enterprises to find relevant investment industry, ‘we will fight for Chinese enterprises to introduce with the most closely related to the package tours, but we will also create a fund for the Israeli companies to help Israeli companies to adapt to China. ‘

‘Israel’s greatest advantage is the ability of resource use, we can make an annual production of 5,000 liters of milk, milk production increased to 12,500 liters.’ Bennett said that in this in-depth cooperation between the two countries to their own advantage willing output technology, especially to China, including the promotion of water treatment technologies, including desalination and renewable energy and clean energy and other energy utilization technologies.

Bennett said he was impressed by the friendly Chinese people, first visit after taking office he chose China is currently in the two countries in economy and trade has been made preliminary contacts, he was very supportive and cooperative relations between the two countries will further strengthen.

‘I love China, I love China!’ Bennett believes that China with a planned economy and a market economy as the way to solve the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people is very great(Finance News

He also claimed that the people of Israel to carry out multi-level exchanges with China and he’s looking very much appreciated China’s leaders, but also very respected Israel’s national innovation consciousness, he believes the two countries can take advantage of complementary ways to continue to cooperate.

Israel’s cooperation with Chinese enterprises is not the first time long ago, domestic enterprises Fosun Pharma has just completed one of Israel’s largest Chinese acquisitions .5 28 evening, join Fosun Fosun Pharma announced – Pramerica China Opportunities Fund co-financed 2,216, $ 30,000 to acquire Israeli medical beauty equipment supplier AlmaLasersLtd.95.20% stake, and Fosun still considering whether the recent holdings. (Xu Wen Hui Min from Shanghai)


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