Africa Israel Investments Ltd. is an international holding and investments group

Africa Israel Investments Ltd. is an international holding and investments group. The Group is highly experienced and active in Israel and abroad in the fields of real estate, construction & infrastructure, industries and tourism & leisure.

Under the leadership of its chairman and controlling shareholder Mr. Lev Leviev and its CEO Mr.Avraham Novogrocki, AFI Group is one of the country’s largest groups in the field of investment. AFI Group comprises many public companies traded on the Tel Aviv and London Stock Exchanges.

AFI Group’s strategy includes a focus on developing core activities in real estate, construction & infrastructure, industries and tourism & leisure. The Group has taken the necessary steps to cope with the global economic situation, international capital markets and the repercussions for the activities of the company in every place that it is engaged in business. This strategy includes focusing on the development and completion of a number of major projects in Russia, Europe, the US and Israel, realizing assets at good prices and worthy yields and operating the Group’s credit and financing activities and professional risk management in Israel and abroad. The Group’s business policy rests on investment planning, locating business opportunities, quality risk management and supervision and control of all activities in Israel and abroad. The company has realized the Group’s economic power and this is expressed, among other things, by creating synergy within the Group; the business partnerships between the Group’s companies; creation of sustainable net income; and leveraging the Group’s management capabilities and capital to obtain future growth.„
Real Estate

AFI Development Russia: A public company traded on the London Stock Exchange. Founded in 2001, this company is one of the largest real estate development companies in Russia, focusing on large scale projects in Moscow and other main cities in Russia in the residential, offices, shopping malls, hotels and infrastructure sectors. The company is owner and developer of some of Moscow’s largest projects, such as the “AFI Mall City” in Moscow-City, the Ozerkovskaya project which combines luxury residential units, offices and a hotel, as well as the Tzerskaya Zastava Site, which will include, upon completion, offices and exclusive residential buildings. The company has a large inventory of land that was purchased with equity, for future development in Moscow’s most prestigious areas.
AFI Europe: The company has been coordinating the Group’s activities in Europe since 1998. It owns existing and developing residential, office and shopping mall projects in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Latvia. Among its outstanding assets are the “Palace Flora” mall in Prague, the “Airport City” project in Belgrade, and the “Cotroceni Mall” in Bucharest, which is the largest mall in Romania. The company has a large inventory of land that was purchased with equity, for future development.
AFI USA: Established in 2002, the company focuses on exclusive residential projects and income-producing properties. The company is active in New York where it owns the New York Times Building, the “Clock Tower” and the APTHORP exclusive residential building. It is also active in Miami and other cities.

Assets in Israel: The company owns hundreds of thousands of square meters of income-producing properties, commercial centers, science and industrial parks and office buildings.
Entrepreneurship, Construction & Infrastructure

Danya Cebus: The company is the residential construction and infrastructure arm of Africa Israel, trading on the TASE since 2000. Danya Cebus leads most of Israel’s major infrastructure projects and is active in Russia and Romania. Danya Cebus has recently acquired the controlling interest in Africa Israel Residences, from Africa Israel Investments and has thus expanded its operations into the residential entrepreneurship sector in Israel.
Africa Israel Residences: Operating in Israel under the highly prestigious “Savionim” brand name, Africa Israel develops entire neighborhoods including shopping centers, schools, green areas, and cultural and sports facilities. The company has been ranked as the largest, best and most reliable residential entrepreneurship company in the country.
BOT & PFI Projects: Africa Israel owns 24% of Derech Eretz Management Corporation, which operates the Cross-Israel Highway, Israel’s first toll road. Other BOT and PFI activities include Highway 431, student dormitories at the Hebrew University and the Government Office Building in Tel Aviv.


Africa Israel holds a major interest in Africa Israel Industries (formerly Packer Plada), Israel’s largest steel company, which processes and markets steel and operates also in Russia, and Negev, the country’s leading company in design and manufacture of building and interior design finishing products, which is also active in Romania and Russia.
Tourism & leisure
Africa Israel Hotels holds the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn franchise in Israel. The company operates 8 hotels (1,916 rooms) in Israel and 2 hotels in Russia (432 rooms). In addition, the company is partner in the ownership of 3 Hotels in Romania (144 rooms).


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