An Israeli Company Securing Facilities in India

The Israeli company DDS, which specializes in entry control systems, will install its products at 192 sites of the Indian electrical company across India. The company, which operates across the worlds and maintains offices in China and India,  produces both the hardware and software for entry control systems, and is expected to install a total of approximately 800 entry controllers in the framework of a project, expected to end by late 2013.

The readers that will be installed in India are based on both smartcards as well as fingerprints, with the company cooperating with the Korean company Suprema in the field of fingerprints. The  command and control software for the entry systems developed by DDS is called Amadeus. The software operates at all times for backing the information databases and various sites that are networked and report to the control software.

The company’s systems are installed at central banks, secure compounds and defense facilities, airports, prisons and in 30 countries around the world, including the UK, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and African countries. In Israel, the systems provided by DDS are installed at the Asuta Medical Center, the Harel insurance company, at the facilities of the Israeli telecommunication company Bezeq and at various defense institutes, among the rest.

The company’s entry control systems have also been installed in one of the hotels that were the targets of the Mumbai terror attacks several years ago.

According to Emanuel Biton, VP at the company, DDS was chosen as the leading company in the field of entry systems in China in the past five years.


Reporting by Moriya Ben-Yosef; Published by ISRAELDEFENSE.

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