Anglo-Saxon is a renowned, leading real estate marketing and brokering network.

About Us

Anglo-Saxon is a renowned, leading real estate marketing and brokering network. Anglo-Saxon is held by S.A.L group and acts through a national network of branches in marketing and brokerage of all types of properties:



Prestigious apartments


Industrial structures


Trade and commerce


Stores and shops

And more …


Anglo-Saxon was established in 1964 by the late Dave Blumberg.

Anglo-Saxon network comprised about 60 branches, spread throughout Israel.Anglo-Saxon branches and the real estate teams benefit from a professional and marketing backing, starting from instruction and training, through on-going professional accompaniment and up to advanced technological means required to ensure a comprehensive solution to customers requirements in the real estate sector.

Anglo-Saxon network provides all its branches a uniform services envelope of national marketing, public relations and advertising and assists in organizational development and in creating advanced communication channels within the network and with customers, required to support the professional and business actions of branches and real estate teams throughout Israel.

Anglo-Saxon enjoys a reputation of reliability, quality and professionalism  In the field of real estate marketing and brokerage.,  Anglo-Saxon is rated as the strongest brand in Israel, with an uninstrumental cross country awareness of 84% among Israeli real estate clients (according to Geo-cartography survey).

Anglo-Saxon’s reliability and reputation rely on professional experience, knowledge, high standards and a high quality team of real estate experts.

Anglo-Saxon offers a professional training for real estate consultants and a real estate school in Israel.

The real estate school provides its graduates with the most advanced work methods for brokering an promoting real estate transactions and sets new excellence standards.



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