Aposense Technology: A Milestone for Modern Medicine

Apoptosis (programmed cell death) is the body’s natural way of eliminating unwanted cells safely, without releasing toxins or triggering an immune response. 
Aposense has developed a novel class of rationally designed small molecules, which selectively identify cells from the early stages of apoptosis, cross the membrane and accumulate within the cell. The small weight molecules have a versatile structure, making them amenable to attachment and delivery of various imaging or therapeutic moieties to the apoptotic cells. These molecules can serve as a platform for imaging apoptotic cells and tissues or for targeted delivery of an active drug.

The Aposense molecules track apoptotic cells, regardless of cell type and apoptotic trigger, and at the same time avoid interaction with healthy cells. As a result, these molecules have high sensitivity and specificity of targeting of apoptotic

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