Blue Heart-Shaped Diamond to Be Auctioned in Israel

 1.93 ct. natural vivid blue, heart-shaped diamond will lead an auction by Tzoffey’s 1818 to be held during the inaugural U.S./International Diamond Week at the Israel Diamond Exchange Mar. 17–20. Tzoffey’s owner Avner Sofiov is hopeful that the diamond will surpass the $1 million per carat price based on world records set by two blue diamonds auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2012.

3.54 ct. marquis fancy blue diamond ring from Tiffany & Co. sold for $687,712 per carat in April, followed by a 10.48 ct. fancy deep blue briolette diamond that fetched $1.036 million a carat—a world record per-carat price for a deep blue stone.

[According to a press statement by Sofiov, « Natural blue diamonds are without doubt the most rare and therefore most expensive category among natural coloured diamonds. »]

“The quality of this 1.93 heart shape is higher than the stones sold by Sotheby’s, so I am very curious how much this stone will fetch! » Sofiov said in a statement. 

Bids are to be submitted in closed envelopes. The exact time of the auction will be announced shortly.

Reporting by Daniel Ford; Published by JCK.

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