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Israel helped China build the « Vigorous Dragon ». A secret well-guarded by China !

Israel helped China build the « Vigorous Dragon ». A secret well-guarded by China … Israel Industries 16/09/2019 The « Vigorous Dragon » is one of the major innovations in China, to renew its naval fleet and keep its deterrent force. A particularly agile aircraft similar to the well-known F-16 Fighting Falcon, the « Vigorous Dragon » was the first Chinese […]

In next generation of space race, Israel is at the forefront

Elon Musk’s SpaceX will launch an Israeli spaceship to the moon. And that’s just the beginning. Dozens of teams applied to be the first privately funded group to land a spacecraft on the moon and win Google’s Lunar X competition – a $30 million bounty.

European Aerospace Industries Call For a European MALE Program

 Paris, Le Bourget: European aerospace industries and defense establishments are promoting pan-European collaboration in launching a collaborative development of Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) drone capability that will rely on the collective knowhow, skills and technologies of member countries. 


Release date- 09052013 – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will display a wide spectrum of leading solutions at the International Defense Technology Exhibition & Prevention of natural disasters (SITDEF) which will be held in Lima, Peru, May 15-19 2013.

Spacecom’s AMOS-4 Communication Satellite To Be Launched by Space International Services (SIS)

Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, announced that Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has selected Space International Services, Ltd. (SIS) to launch the AMOS-4 commercial satellite. The launch is scheduled to take place in 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

3D printing announced plans to merge with Israel’s Objet,

By: Ian Shaffer 3D printing making inroads Technology is being used in the auto, aviation and defence industries Imagine that you saw a pair of shoes you liked and, instead of going to the store to buy them, you could simply turn on your computer and print them.

Israeli desert to become major aircraft boneyard

Jerusalem, Israel Arieh O’Sullivan (The Med – While Israel may possess one of the world’s largest air forces, it will also soon become home to a massive aircraft salvage yards in its southern desert.

Israel grapples with blowback from booming drone industry

One of the world’s largest producers of drones now a target of copycat technology. JERUSALEM — The Iranian-built drone that flew along Israel’s coastline and then penetrated deep into the country last week, getting dangerously close to the site of Israel’s nuclear complex, has succeeded in shaking Israel’s self confidence.