CleanIsrael opens doors of US water industry to Israeli companies

By: Merav Ankori

A delegation of 50 representatives from leading water companies, the government and academia will land in Israel on December 16th from Massachusetts in an effort to identify Israeli entrepreneurs and investment opportunities.

One of the groups who will be hosting part of this visit is CleanIsrael. CleanIsrael is the largest network of professionals dedicated to Israel’s cleantech sector. Founded four years ago by Jonathan Shapira and Gene Dolgin, and later joined by Gabby Czertok (today CEO of Hydrospin) who currently leads the group, it today boasts over 1,000 members. The group consists of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, government and non-government professionals, and other key players from both Israel and abroad.

CleanIsrael’s events are supported by various industry players who are interested in seeing Israel’s cleantech industry grow and thrive, and have included the Israel Cleantech VC, Autodesk, Ernst & Young and other leading companies.


“The group’s meetings attract entrepreneurs as well as investors – VCs and private investors – because it’s a great platform to not only learn and hear about attractive new innovations, but also serves as a great opportunity for informal networking,” says Gabby Czertok, who is organizing this meetup together with Jonathan Shapira, who is leading the Boston side of the organization. “On December 17th the delegation from the U.S. of over 50 members will arrive, most of them investors and potential partners for Israeli companies, together with cleantech opinion leaders from the U.S. government and academia.” Czertok told about the delegation of business people from Massachusetts who will take part in the delegation. “They are interested in setting up a HUB of water activity in Boston, and are coming to Israel as part of their process towards this initiative.”

The delegation will include representatives of large companies including Xylem, a company worth $4.62 Billion, which has acquired numerous water companies and is thus able to provide a variety of water solutions to its clients. Attending are also representatives from Liberation Capital, a VC founded by GE alums, which invests in Cleantech and last May invested $6.25 Million in Israel’s Desalitech, an innovative desalination company in from theAqua Agro portfolio. Also attending will be representatives from CDM Smith, a large water engineering company with thousands of employees, which is now building a large biogas and equipment plant in Shafdan, and the list goes on.

The delegation will also include government representatives, including from The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), a state body which encourages clean energy projects in Massachusetts and provides subsidies to this end, including to Israeli companies under theMassachusetts Israel Innovation Partnership.

In the four days of the delegation’s visit in Israel they will participate in a variety of activities which will allow them to get to know Israel’s water industry in all its incarnations – from small start-ups to large established companies. They will participate in a CleanIsrael Forum conference on December 17th: Going Global with Water Innovation. They will also be running the start-ups competition during their visit.

For those interested in meeting the delegation it is recommended to sign up quickly as spots are limited and time is running short.

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