Coke’s Marketing Campaign Strikes Out Again In Israel

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) can’t seem to catch a break. The soft drink company is in hot water again, and this time, it’s in Israel.

Coke launched a new marketing campaign there earlier in May, and at first, it seemed genius. As explained by The Washington Post, Coke identified the most popular Israeli first names and then printed them on its bottles and cans, hoping to personalize the drinking experience.

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And who wouldn’t be tempted to grab a bottle of Coke off a shelf when it had your name on it? Tablet Magazine reported that shoppers of all genders and ages squealed as they found their names on Coke cans and rushed to the cash register. Pictures of Coke exploded on social media portals in seconds.

But not everyone is happy. Critics (and there are a lot of them) complain the program is discriminatory, including certain names on Coke cans and not others. The soft drink company failed to recognize just how closely cultural identity in Israel is tied to religion and identity, and how sensitive issues of inclusion and exclusion are.


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