The board of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) headed by Chairman Dov Baharav has approved Joseph Weiss’, IAI president and CEO, proposal to appoint Colonel (Res.) Eli Alfassi as IAI’s Corporate VP for India Operations.

India is a significant market for IAI’s divisions and groups, with a large spectrum of projects and advanced technologies. The challenge of an extensive and diverse range of activities in this target country, has led to a need for management focus so as to create a synergy in IAI’s activities and leverage the company’s technologies. IAI has set itself ambitious goals in the face of challenging competition from leading nations and international companies operating in India.

Colonel (Res.) Eli Alfassi joined IAI a decade ago, after completing a long and varied period of service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in various command and staff roles including as commander of an armored brigade and battalion, as well as head of the planning administration in IDF’s operations division. He also served as IDF’s military attaché in India and head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense delegation to India.

As part of his activities in IAI, Col (Res.) Alfassi has filled a number of senior roles in IAI’s marketing and procurement administration and was head of IAI’s delegation in India for five years.

IAI’s president and CEO recommended Eli Alfassi’s nomination as Corporate VP based on his extensive and proven experience of eight years in leading the activities related to India, and his outstanding managerial capabilities in IAI and in the IDF.

Alfassi holds a Bachelor’s degree in history from Tel Aviv University, and a Master’s degree in political science and national security from the University of Haifa. He is an alumnus of IDF’s National Security Studies Center and Command and Staff College.

In the picture:

Eli Alfassi, IAI’s VP for the India operations

For further information, please contact:
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Israel Aerospace Industries
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