Givot Olam is the first and only oil and gas exploration firm to have discovered substantial commercial quantities of oil onshore Israel in the past 50 years.

Givot Olam’s activities are carried out by an experienced multi-disciplinary team consisting of petroleum scientists, oil exploration professionals, accountants and managers. This team engages in intensive technical study of the geology of Israel and surrounding countries, the planning of the Company’s exploration and production activities, and the execution of its ongoing drilling and production operations.

The General Partner is the operator of the exploration and production
enterprises of the Givot Olam Partnership and manages all of its activities.

Directors of the General Partner include:

·    Tovia Luskin, petroleum explorationist,
who exercises control over technical matters

·    Nogah Ben David, businessman

·    Shmuel Laurence Becker, attorney


Shareholders of the General Partner include:

·    Rosh Ha‘Ayin Oil Exploration Limited (represented by Nogah Ben David

and Shmuel Becker)

·    T-Oil and Gas Limited (represented by Tovia Luskin)

·    Har Kedem Petroleum Ltd. (represented by Tovia Luskin)


Tovia Luskin holds a B.Sc. in Geology and an M.Sc. in Geophysics from Moscow State University.  His experience in oil exploration includes years of employment by Shell and SunCorp in Canada, and employment as the principal and sole geophysicist with

Asamera Oil (Canada) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to immigrating to Israel in 1990, Mr. Luskin served as a geophysical advisor for Bridge Oil in Sydney, Australia. During this period, he formulated his theories regarding Israel’s oil potential and assembled the exploration team that would become Givot Olam.

Samuel Laurence Becker holds an Honours Degree in Law from University College, London. He is a practicing attorney in Jerusalem focused on real estate, inheritance and corporate work.

Nogah Ben-David is a graduate of the UCLA Engineering School. He is founder and manager of the 25-year-old Gold of Jerusalem, Ltd., which was one of the foremost jewelry manufacturers in the Middle East.

Givot Olam uses the services of Mr. Peter Dwyer as the Company’s Operations

Manager. Since 1994, Mr. Dwyer managed all drilling and production operations of the Company.


Dr. Vladimir Shteingolts, Exploration Manager

Dr. Shteingolts joined Givot Olam in 1992, and is the key player in the Company’s exploration success. Prior to immigrating to Israel from Russia in 1990, he worked for 18 years in the oil industry. Dr. Shteingolts holds a PhD in Geology from Moscow State University.


Dr. Michael Sofershtein, Senior Petrophysicist

Dr. Sofershtein joined Givot Olam in 1993. Prior to immigrating to Israel from Russia, he worked for 20 years in the oil industry in the Volga-Ural Petroleum Basin. Dr. Sofershtein holds a PhD in Geophysics from Moscow Institute of Nuclear Geophysics and Geochemistry.


Dr. Vladimir Boiko, Lithologist (Consultant)

Dr. Boiko worked directly for Givot Olam from 1993-2000, and, after opening his own business in 2000, continued to work for Givot Olam as a consultant.  Prior to his immigration to Israel, Dr. Boiko worked for 20 years in the area of Lithological and Sedimentological research. He holds a PhD in Geology from Moscow Oil and Gas Institute.


Dr. Isaac Leifman, Geochemist (Consultant)

Dr. Leifman worked directly for Govot Olam from 1992-2000, and continuesto work

for the Company as a geochemical consultant. Before his immigration to  Israel in 1991,  Dr. Leifman served for 25 years as Senior Scientist of the Moscow State University’s Faculty of Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels. Dr. Leifman holds a PhD in Chemistry from Moscow State University.



Givot Olam frequently utilizes the services of independent international petroleum

consulting firms including Fracture Technology, Greensand Associates, Baker Hughes Ltd.  and others.


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