Israchem: 13th International Exhibition for Chemical and Process Industries

April 30- May 2, 2013  Tel-Aviv Fairgrounds
The international exhibition for technologies, equipment, and services for the following industries:
Process, chemical, petrochemical, plastics, oil refining, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, Detergents, cosmetics, ecology, minerals, fertilizers, weed and pest control, paints & adhesives.

Within Israchem exhibition, a special display area ‘Analiza 2013’ will showcase technologies, equipment & instrumentation for Industrial Laboratories. Display topics include: equipment and measuring instruments for laboratories for the heavy industries and the pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms, fume hoods and filters.

Israchem 2013 will be held in conjunction with:
Maintenance 2013 – The Exhibition for Industrial & Facility Maintenance.
SafeWork 2013 – The Exhibition for Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene.

Exhibition Dates & Opening Hours:
April 30th – May 2nd, 2013.
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 09:00-17:30.
Venue: Israeli Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Hall No. 1.

General Information

General Information:

Exhibition Topics:

Sealing & Insulation Materials Material Testing  Technology Professional Literature
Fluid Analysis Energy Production & Transmission Control & Automation
Storage & Packaging – Pharmaceutical Industry Chemicals Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Safety & Maintenance Compressors Energy Saving Equipment
Quality Control Heat Exchangers Equipment & Instrumentation for Industrial Laboratories
Gas Detectors Mixers Measuring Instruments forLaboratories
Tanks Energy Systems Measuring Instruments for Heavy Industries
Industrial Engineering Vacuum Systems Measuring Instruments for the PharmaceuticalIndustry
Clean Rooms, Fume Cupboards, Filters Calibration Systems Metal Coating and Treatment
Raw Materials for the Industry Ventilation Systems Pipe System, Faucets, Valves
Liquid & Gas Treatment Weighing  Systems Robotics
Hazardous Material Treatment Pumps Reactors
Industrial Waste Water Treatment Vacuum Pumps Consulting Services
Solids Handling &Transportation Dosage Pumps Industrial Software
  Production Floor Management Industrial Plant Design

Guests and Visitors:

Managers, buyers, chemical engineers & practical engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, Maintenance engineers & managers, electrical and electronics engineers, R&D, scientists, technologists, chemists, technicians,  tool-operators, quality assurance mangers, laboratory managers, lab technicians, plant managers, agronomists as well as logistics & purchasing managers.

Congresses & Meetings:

Conventions and meetings will be held concurrently with the exhibition. For further information please contact Stier Group’s conventions department: Please refer to our website for updates on all congresses (

*The program is subject to changes.
Set-up of exhibition stands        April 29th, 2013

Opening Day                             April 30th, 2013

Closing Day                              May 2nd, 2013

Dismantling of stands               May 2nd, 2013 until midnight.

Please note that there must be no equipment remaining in the exhibition halls after this hour.

Exhibition Catalogue:
The exhibition catalogue includes a classified listing in English and Hebrew of exhibiting companies, (free of charge) and advertising at preferred rates.

Exhibitors’ Instruction Manual:
The Exhibitors’ Instruction Manual will be available approximately 45 days before the event, and will include a detailed list of furniture rental options, display materials, electrical services and a selection of other optional services.

Assistance for Overseas Exhibitors:
Travel and accommodation:
The official travel agency for Israchem 2013 is HADASSIM TOURS LTD.
Contact person: Mrs. Hila Tamir, Tel: +972-3-5104422,
Fax: +972-3- 5172061 e-mail:

Transport, Customs Clearance, Storage:
Amit Ltd. has been appointed as the official forwarding and clearance agents. These services can be booked in advance: Transport to and from the exhibition complex, freight forwarding, customs clearance and storage. Exhibitors are advised to arrange their orders for Amit Ltd. one month prior to the exhibition at the latest, to avoid delays in processing their order.
Amit Ltd. Customs Clearance & Transporters,
Ben Gurion Airport, Maman Building, P.O.Box 58 Israel
Tel: +972-3-9720120 Fax: +972-3-9720107, Mobile: +972-54-5616637
Contact Person: Mrs. Noa Peretz.


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