Israel: 2012 was year of “accelerated development in agriculture”

According to the new Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Yair Shamir, “Advancing agricultural and rural settlement and encouraging the demographic growth in peripheral settlements while keeping the environment and nature safe will remain at the top of the Ministry’s priorities in the years to come.”

In an attempt to develop new spheres of agriculture, the Investment Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture invested NIS 1.5 million in aid for farmers and agriculturists willing to try machinery or crops that have not yet been attempted in Israel.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development invests great efforts in developing Israeli agriculture and provides aid in the form of grants and tax breaks to help realize various projects in the rural domain, both within the framework of the Encouragement of Capital Investment in Agriculture Act and various administrative grants in accordance with governmental mandates. The Ministry assists in developing projects that will produce products for the local market and for export, including vegetables and fruit.

The year 2012 was characterized as one of accelerated development in Israeli agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, via its Investment Directorate, aided in capital investment for farmers with a total budget of NIS 235 million, NIS 100 million more than in 2011.

Most of the increase in the 2012 budget, a total of NIS 132 million, was invested in water infrastructure so as to optimize water usage.

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