Israel aerospace industries (IAI) will adapt more technologies to HLS

Israel aerospace industries (IAI) will use more of the core technologies it has developed for defense use to answer the growing needs of the homeland security market. The company sees the Home Land Security market as a very important growth engine.

In a special interview Brig. (ret) Amnon Sofrin, a senior consultant to the president regarding HLS systems, told I-HLS that the only limitation for the use of adapted defense technologies for HLS applications is a limited budget. “In response to this situation,” stated Sofrin, ”we are looking for simple solutions that give excellent results. This is our vision and we are experiencing a good deal of success. ”
Sofrin added, “In the defense market a company like IAI works with established bodies at the customers end. The picture in the HLS market is different. Sometimes we work with a city council and the mayor who find it difficult to define their needs.”
Amnon Safron went onto explain that in many such cases IAI has to define the problem in order to put the focus in the right area. He said that basically all the advanced sensors that have been developed in ELTA, an IAI subsidiary, are being used for HLS solutions.
He also revealed that India is a big potential market for HLS solutions and that “we are talking to many organizations in that country.” In closing Sofrin pointed out that clients in the HLS market often want “off the shelf” systems and are not interested in development projects that require time and money
IAI is the biggest state owned defense industry . This company made Israel a member of the exclusive space club of countries that are capable of developing and manufacturing launchers and satellites. The company manufactures the Sahvit family of launchers and two lines of imaging satellites – these with electro optical payloads (Offeq- , Eros) and these with Synthetic aperture (SAR) radars( Tecsar).
IAI is also the source for Israel’s Amos communication satellites that serve huge areas of the world.
Israel is now the only country in the world with a fully operational theater Defense system. The Arrow-2 protects Israel from ballistic missiles and Arrow -3 is in development. The company is currently developing the Arrow-3 that is designed to intercept longer range ballistic missile with unconventional warheads.
While the defence side of IAI is very dominant, its civil operation is very extensive. Its Bedek group is overhauling many types of aircraft and has become one of the world’s centers for conversions of passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft.
The company’s expertise has brought it to be very active in the naval arena. IAI develops and produces naval/maritime radars and EO payloads for various platforms such as helicopters, unmanned air systems (uas) and other aircraft. The company’s range of naval missiles includes: the proven Barak naval point-defense missile for both sea-to-sea and sea-to-air targets; and naval platforms include advanced patrol boats. IAI also modernizes and upgrades vessels, weapon systems, defense systems, and conducts system integration for customers worldwide.
The experience and market needs brought IAI to develop the Barak-8 which is a more capable point defense missile that will have at least two versions. According to foreign press, India is involved in the development and will purchase the system for its navy.
IAI is a world leader in totally integrated uas solutions, with more than 700,000 operational hours of intelligence and targeting missions. The company offers systems from tactical close range, to Medium Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) uas systems.
With a range of uas from micro to one with a wingspan of a Boeing 737 ,IAI has penetrated the world market for uas that is growing in a super fast pace.
IAI’s radar knowhow mainly in its Elta division made the company a leading manufacturer of airborne early warning platform. The company has supplied two Russian made IL-76 transports converted to highly advanced AEW system to India and a third one will be supplied next year. The Company has put AEW and Sigint equipment on the Gulfstream G-550 business jet, and supplied it to the Israeli airforce. Singapore was also a client for that type of platform.
The MBT division of IAI is in charge of developing some very advanced weapon system. The Barak-8 point defence system that is currently developed for India is only one example. Loitering weapon systems gain greater popularity among advanced armies and IAI’ Harop is supplied to the German army and other clients.
“With such a scope of activities and technologies we are the best source for integrated solution in homeland security ” Sofrin told i-HLS.


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