New Results From MediSafe Project’s Mobile Technology Show High Adherence Rates for Type 2 Diabetes Medication

New Results From MediSafe Project’s Mobile Technology Show High Adherence Rates for Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Data Shows Diabetic Patients Have Strong Type 2 Medication Adherence Rates With Medication Reminder Technology MediSafe Project

HAIFA, Israel, July 15, 2013- MediSafe Project, ( the first-ever cloud-synced mobile medication reminder solution helping families prevent emergencies caused by over- or under-dosing medications, announced results that show high self-reported medication adherence rates for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. MediSafe Project reviewed medication adherence for its Type 2 Diabetic users, finding compliance rates are at least 26% higher with the mobile technology than general medication adherence rates for long-term therapies, reported as 50% by the World Health Organization.

« Diabetes is a growing disease that has to be controlled throughout a person’s entire life. With MediSafe Project, Diabetic patients can better control their condition, improve health outcomes and help provide peace of mind. When dealing with a chronic disease, convenience and routine are imperative. I’m proud to offer a technological solution that provides both, » said MediSafe Project CEO, Omri « Bob » Shor.

MediSafe Project analyzed self-reported adherence rates of the most common Type 2 Diabetes medications, proving the use of the mobile pillbox solution dramatically helps patients remember to take their medication on time, and correctly.

Medications reviewed:

   — Glucophage — 79% adherence


   — Januvia — 82% adherence


   — Kombiglyze — 76% adherence


   — Metformin — 78% adherence


   — Onglyza — 77% adherence


   — Sitaglipitin — 80% adherence

Type 2 is the most common type of Diabetes in the country, where the body suffers from insulin resistance. The disease can be treated through lifestyle choices, but more often patients rely on oral medication to control the lifelong chronic illness. It is vital that Type 2 Diabetics follow a plan to manage their condition to help reduce the chances of forgetting to take medication which could lead to ER visits or even be fatal.

« Diabetes can be a debilitating disease if it’s not treated properly, and medication adherence plays an important role in managing the chronic condition, » said Itamar Raz, M.D., President of the Israel Diabetes Association. « Technology is changing the way people live with diseases by alleviating barriers so patients can live more fulfilling lives. It’s solutions such as MediSafe Project that can make a profound impact on adherence, which is a leading issue with Type 2 Diabetics. »

The innovative solution not only reminds users when it’s time to take their medication, but also uses families’, friends’ and caretakers’ intervention instincts to send alerts when a loved one misses a dose. Patients can receive alerts through the mobile application, which is available in Google Play and iTunes App Store. MediSafe Project is the top rated mobile app in the medication adherence space. The solution also provides the Prescription Page (, a method for doctors to prescribe the top-rated pillbox solution to patients, supporting the new patient-centered care model that’s being adopted by many PCPs, specialists, hospitals and other health care organizations.

About MediSafe Project

MediSafe Project is the first cloud-synced mobile app helping families prevent emergencies caused by over- or under-dosing medications. In addition to reminding users when it’s time to take their medication, MediSafe Project sends alerts to selected family members, friends and caretakers when a loved one misses a dose. Aggregated patient behavior data, physician trends and other market aspects are available to help pharmaceutical companies better understand how people receive and take their medications. Download the MediSafe application from the Google Play and iTunes App Store. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Jade Trombetta,

         The Cline Group, 215-313-5002



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