Phocus Company :eVolution Networks Israel

eVolution Networks is the world’s first company to  provide operators with a purely software-based solution that slashes energy consumption on the base station level, providing unmatched savings and the ability to dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 35% annually, even for operators that already employ efficient cooling solutions and which have already implemented energy-saving software features provided by equipment vendors.

By providing the mobile telecom industry with a unique approach to thinking about and reducing the energy consumed by mobile networks, eVolution is leading the way in overcoming one of the greatest threats posed to mobile operators today – unharnessed energy costs.

Through deep analysis of mobile traffic patterns, eVolution’s innovative software solution turns on and off base stations according to the anticipated level of subscriber traffic, saving service providers millions of dollars in annual operational expenses while greatly reducing their carbon footprints.

eVolution is committed to improving energy efficiency and reliability in telecommunications networks through a full suite of products and solutions supporting the communications network infrastructure.

Contact Information

6 Hahilazon St.
Tel +972 3 726 5001
Fax +972 1533 726 5001
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