Phocus Company : MedPal aims to enhance quality of life

MedPal aims to enhance quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and increase medications and food supplements sales with comprehensive compliance solutions:
– Social mobile and web solutions that provide tools and support to people that use medication & food supplements on a regular basis. 
– Family, friends, and patients community, all connected around medication compliance, support, and information sharing
– Online source of information for medication, health issues, side effects, advice

MedPal’s multi-layered solution for medication non-compliance is based on:

1. Medication management
2. Education and awareness raising
3. Family involvement
4. HMO/Insurer support
5. Social support
6. Social gamification
7. Commercial incentives

Unlike most compliance solutions offered today, which mainly target patient forgetfulness via reminders to take medications, MedPal is part of a new trend of empowering patients, motivating them and increasing their awareness to their health and to the importance of compliance.

A proprietary medication management system rewards patients with incentives and positive motivational feedback based on patients’ compliance. Moreover, MedPal’s technology allows authentication and supervision of patients’ medication usage.

Families and Physicians can help out too and get access, upon the patients’ consent, to alerts and customized progress reports.

Moti Gal, 37, CEO and co-founder, B.Sc. Medical Sciences, Hebrew University; MBA Global, Interdisciplinary Center Hertzliya (IDC).

Moti has 8 Years of experience in managing clinical trials and projects in the Pharmaceutical industry. Moti has accumulated 5 years of experience while working at BioLineRx, a leading Israeli drug development company, while interacting with Pharmaceutical companies globally.

Uri Keren, VP Strategy and Business Development

Formerly President and CEO of HypnoCore, Uri has vast worldwide business development and sales experience.

Amit Eisenthal, 33, CTO and co-founder, B.Sc., Bioinformatics, Ben-Gurion University; MBA Global Entrepreneurial, Interdisciplinary Center Hertzliya (IDC).

Amit is experienced in Software development, working at global companies such as Check Point and Convergys. Amit has held various Software Engineering and Project Management positions, specializing in web applications and Smartphone application development.

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