Planning for NM trade mission to Israel under way

Israel is New Mexico’s second-largest international trading partner, after Mexico.

Last year, New Mexico exported $442 million in goods to Israel, and an additional $50 million to the rest of the Middle East, said Sherwin Pomerantz, director of New Mexico’s Regional Trade Office for the Middle East. Pomerantz has worked with local companies to find synergies with businesses in the Middle East for 12 years.

A new trade mission sponsored by the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Trade Alliance aims to provide more opportunities for companies that want to be involved in international trade with Israel.

The dates for the trade mission have not been set, said Randy Trask, director of the alliance.

The mission, he said, will be a chance to introduce New Mexican companies to Israeli firms, and vice versa.

The big synergies for New Mexican firms have been in technologies and cybersecurity, Pomerantz said.

“This is where Israel excels. It’s like an undiscovered jewel,” he said. “You have here [in New Mexico] the university communities, the two labs, large businesses like Intel doing research and development.”

Israel, he said, “is receptive to that.”

“The biggest element is in computers and electronics,” Pomerantz said. “A lot of that includes Intel, and that’s a very active space in New Mexico. That includes security and all the things that go with it, and that’s a sector that interfaces well in Israel where there’s a high receptivity.”


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