Procognia provides analytical services to Health Canada

Procognia announced that it is providing glycosylation analysis products and services to the Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate of Health Canada, for research on biotherapeutic products. Health Canada is the Federal department of the government of Canada responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health.

Dr. Ruth Ben Yakar, Procognia’s CEO said today: “We are very proud of Health Canada’s choice to use our glycosylation analysis products and services for research of various biotherapeutic products. We regard it as a vote of confidence in the capabilities of our technologies and of our services”. Carbohydrates are known to affect the activity, stability and safety of biological products, including therapeutic protiens, vaccines, and stem cells, making it highly important to characterize them in biopharmaceutical products in general and biosimilars in particular.

“Our products and technologies enable analysis of carbohydrates throughput the process of development and manufacturing of biological products, hence enabling our customers in making informed decisions regarding their products for directing manufacturing conditions towards the desired glycosylation profiles” added Dr. Ben Yakar.


About Procognia:
Procognia (Israel) established in 2000, is a world leader in glycobiology and biopharmaceutical analytics. Procognia offers solutions to major challenges in biopharmaceutical and biosimilar development and manufacturing, including comprehensive analytical services for achievement of optimal glycosylation profiles for improved efficacy, safety and biosimilarity. Procognia owns a large database of glycosylation profiles of biosimilar references. Procognia also collaborates with strategic partners for the development of high-yield biosimilar cell lines for higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs, based on proprietary molecular biology methods.


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