Sports analytics startup PlaySight raises $1.5 million from D5 Capital

Sports analytics startup PlaySight Interactive has raised $1.5 million from UK based specialist investment advisory company D5 Capital.

PlaySight is a pioneer in the emerging market of affordable, consumer sports analytics systems. The PlaySight Smart Court system, which has been designed for tennis clubs across the world, is based on concepts used to train fighter pilots in the air force and advanced 3D visualization technology. The system provides, in real-time and with no operators, event-based visual feedback of what happened in a tennis match and helps analyze why it happened and how the players can improve.

The new funding will be used for establishing the first installed units at selected clubs in New York and London. PlaySight has already secured orders for the PlaySight Smart Court system in the UK and USA.

D5 Capital estimates there are now approximately 100 million tennis players globally, following rapid growth of the sport in China over the past five years. In 2009, tennis participation in the USA broke the 30 miilion players mark for the first time.

PlaySight, which is based in Israel, specializes in simulation, 3D visualization and training systems. The company was founded in January 2010 by CEO Chen Shachar, and CTO Evgeni Khazanov. Before co-establishing PlaySight, Shachar was the CTO of Rontal Applications, a startup in the homeland security market. Khazanov is an expert in high end real-time 3D visualization, which previously was head of the research and advanced technology group at Rontal.

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