Technology in Israel : 5 Best Innovations From Jewish Nation

From aerospace engineering to pharmaceuticals and from environmental science to computer innovations, Israel, like Silicon Valley, is one of the world’s hot spots for everything tech. Scientists in the Jewish Nation have contributed to a wide variety of innovations in technology that play important roles in everyday living. Here is a list of five of the best tech creations to come from Israel:

Jump Drive
 – The jump drive, also known as a disk on key, rendered floppy disks obsolete. The portable storage device is produced by SanDisk Corporation, a company with offices in Kfar Saba, Omer, and Migdal Tefen, according to its website. The company even won a platinum Maala Award, Israel’s prize for excellence in corporate and social responsibility, according to

Solar Windows
 – For those who want a window that can generate its own power while letting in daylight, Pythagoras Solar has created the world’s first solar window using transparent photovoltaic glass to revolutionize the construction industry, as reported by ISRAEL21c. In 2007, the company’s co-founder, Dr. Itay Baruchi, was named one of the « 50 Most Significant Scientific Breakthroughs » by Scientific American, reports CleanTechnica.

Medical-grade Wrist Monitor
 – With wearable technology all the rage, all eyes are on the world’s first medical-grade wrist monitor that continuously tracks blood oxygen, pulse rate, sleep, and breathing patterns. The product, which does not need a chest strap or finger sensor, was developed by Oxitone, based in Kfar Saba, according to the company’s website.

Leak-monitoring Software – In an effort to save billions in wasted water, Israeli tech company TaKaDu created software that offers real-time monitoring of leaks and other costly problems in utilities worldwide. This high-tech information technology is surprisingly cost effective for cities of all sizes. So, perhaps it’s not surprising that Israel investors brought millions into the company, according to the company’s website.

Garden Specialties
 – What’s in your salad? If there is a little red cherry tomato, thank the technology created by Hazera Genetics, a project of professors at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, as reported by Growing Produce. Also producers of the seedless watermelon, this company produces seeds for farmers that increase profits as well as delicious foods for consumers. A catalog of products are available on their website.

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