United From Homes To Pango Parking: Israeli Entrepreneurship Spreads All Over America

Auburn, New York and Latrobe, Pennsylvania are two American cities who will be using the Pango Street Parking system in the United States. The Israeli company offers a pay-by-phone street parking system which is used throughout Israel and is now being offered worldwide.   The system is currently being used in 47 cities worldwide.

The Pango system provides cities and parking operators with increased revenues, decreased operating costs, and better control of their parking assets. For drivers, the Pango system provides the convenience of pay-by-phone for parking (no more coins) as well as alerts and coupons, and for companies like United Homes the system also works well.

“We selected Pango because they had the patent, and they responded with the most compelling proposal,” said Doug Selby of Auburn.

“Israeli technology only continues to succeed and expand beyond Start-Up Nation’s wildest imagination,” said Israeli entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

The service is now used by 1 million drivers generating approximately 2 million transactions monthly. Pango invented the science behind the pay-by-phone parking management system.


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